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ONDA DIGITAL is the Sylco wireless mono directional rear lightened numeric combination keypad.
Rolling Code, 2 channels, 433.92 MHz transmitter, ONDA DIGITAL is a perfect combination of design, aesthetic and high technology.

It works with a superheterodyne receiver and ASK modulation with 2 channels. It grants self-learning with decode functions, and anti-noise digital filter for optimizing the radio performances.
The dedicated firmware is extremely flexible and intuitive. It grants advanced functions as change of working modality for each channel. Each channel (output) is settable as Monostable, Bistable, programmable timing from 5sec to 20min. It is possible to memorize the 4 push-buttons of the keypad to one or more outputs. SAW filter for optimizing the selectivity and eliminate the out of bandwidth noise. It is equipped with a reliable power supply with anti-noise filters and line protection against overvoltage.Rolling Code technology avoids the transmitter copy and allows the usage of transmitter even for systems with a high security level.

Designed to be installed vertically with screen printing of the numbers on the front, you can install ONDA DIGITAL horizontally by applying a rigid label (included in the package) rotating the numbers of 90 degrees.

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