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Rondò LS

Rondò LS is a self-powered siren of original design operating at 12 Vdc It has two sounds, two timings, led flashing light, istant or permanent ON-OFF system signaling, positive or negative control. It is equipped with double anti-opening and anti-removal tamper, microprocessor electronic circuit protected against polarity inversion and tropicalized by resin for an excellent performance even in the most adverse weather conditions. The base is in ABS, internal cover is in zinc-coated steel painted with polyester varnish. The external cover is in painted ABS (available colors: white and metal grey standard – shiny chromium and pearly white on request with extra-cost).

Rondò LS is equipped of a patented innovative anti-shock and anti-foam system, with double technology, tropicalized in protectve resin, against false alarms. Furthere more is provided with a spirit level for precise installation and a Safety-hook which allows the operator a quick, easy, and safe mounting/ maintenance of the siren.

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