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Eco 700

Eco 700 represents the perfect answer to the need of an alarm device extremely practical and functional. It has been conceived in order to satisfy a large number of requirements coming from the security market; accurate details and a smart design make Eco700 the most advanced sounder of the Sylco range from the point of view of performances.

Thanks to the IP 43 grade of protection, Eco 700 can face the most difficult weather conditions and can grant a perfect functioning even in case of seepage. Furthermore, the resin coat of the electronic board assures the best protection against weather conditions and increases resistance to shocks and vibrations. Eco 700 is a self-supplied sounder equipped with a flashing led, flashing memory, on/off optical signaling (instantaneous or permanent), command with missing positive or negative, automatic battery control, with 2 sounds and 2 different timings.

It is equipped with double function anti-opening and anti-removal patented microswitch tamper, resin-coated microprocessor electronic circuit protected against polarity inversion.
The possibility of battery supplying grants the functioning of the sounder even in case of removal from the wall or interruption of the electrical connection. The sounder is built in painted steel but it is also available with INOX external cover, or totally inox version.

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