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Eco 600

Eco 600 is the most innovative sounder of the Sylco range.

Joining design and high technology, this alarm sounder is one of the peak products of the company, capable to satisfy all aesthetical requirement and to assure unbeatable performances.
Eco 600 is a self-supplied sounder equipped with a flashing led, flashing memory, on/off optiocal signaling (instantaneous or permanent), command with missing positive or negative, automatic battery control, with 2 sounds and 2 different timings.

The internal cover is in zinc-steel with polyester painting whilst the external cover is in ABS, and it can be painted with pastel or metalized colours.
The microprocessor electronic circuit is resin-coated and protected against weather conditions.
Protection against polarity inversion and double-function tamper for anti- removal and anti-opening.

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