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Onda Lux

ONDA LUX is the Sylco 12/24 Vdc wall flashing light.
It can be used as a flashing light or fixed light indicator.
The LED technology in the version ONDA LUX grants intensity, low consumption and long life.
Can be installed vertically or horizontally, ONDA LUX is ideal flashing light for garage door and residential gate use.
The refine design, the compact size and the metal case protection make this original product blend into all environments.
Like all the ONDA product line you can install ONDA LUX with the box 503.
ONDA LUX is available in 2 versions:

  • Combined version with red and green intermitting or fixed led (flashing adjustable with trimmer)
  • Combined version with white and blue led (indicated for courtesy light)
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